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10,000 Trees To Balance Forest Ecosystems

10,000 Trees To Balance Forest Ecosystems

Starting in 2023 CAN Indonesia in collaboration with the Orangutan Land Trust planted 10,000 trees. This project aims to build an orangutan corridor across the Kelay River. For information, the forest along the Kelay River is home to orangutans and thousands of other species. Based on research there are more than 1000 orangutans in this landscape and unfortunately forest conversion continues throughout the year.

Therefore, CAN Indonesia and the community have developed a restoration model that can be a source of food for animals and also has economic value for the community. On the other hand, this forest can be a corridor for fragmented forests. The people involved in planting trees were very enthusiastic when they saw that all the trees had been planted. The trees will little guarantee their future, the balance of nature, and the animals that live in it.

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