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The nearest airport is 2 hours from our location and some of our basecamps can only be accessed by river. Therefore, volunteers are expected to follow the instructions that will be given by the volunteer coordinator for safety and comfort. CAN has several conservation projects and all of them can be visited by volunteers on certain conditions. We are very open to the plans and efforts that volunteers want to make to support our conservation projects and we will issue a certificate of having become our volunteer when the activity is finished, but this certificate is only given to volunteers who stay for more than 1 month. The shortest deadline for the volunteer program is 1 week. The fee charged is 700USD/1 week where volunteers will work 5 days and 2 days off visiting tourist sites. If there is an extension, it will be discussed next with the volunteer coordinator. You can download the handbook HERE if you want to know more details about his daily activities

1. Wildlife Rescue Center
2. Forest Restoration
3. Protected Forest Area Patrol with Forest Ranger
4. Visit all tourist sites with a local tourguide

Our strategy in project is quite unique. Instead of focusing our efforts within the protecting area, we have chosen to develop the villages around the protection area in the hopes that we can offer environmentally friendly economic opportunities as alternatives to what is offered by the palm oil industry. and coal mining to achieve this, we provide jobs to the local community in forest and land restoration, a strategy that has worked quite successfully. We have been able to turn the destroyers of the forest into protectors of the forest.

All of our staff members are locals and we also hire seasonal workers from local villages to help with large forestation efforts. Our saplings all come from a farmer's cooperative group that is completely staffed by local employees. And many of our former employees, with improved qualifications from their time with CAN, have gone on to work as tour guides, motoris boat or other positions within the eco-tourism industry; jobs which celebrate the environment, not profit off of its destruction.
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