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Conservation Action Network

Building partnerships with the community and government to carry out conservation activities based on improving the economy of communities around the forest. We have built Wildlife Rescue Centers, Forest Restoration, Protected High Conservation Value Forest and also built the community's economic base in the form of ecotourism and other non-wood products.
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Tree Adoption
Saving the forest need real action from everyone's, let's take part in this amazing tree planting around Indonesia by donating 10 tree every month
Animal Adoption
Your adoption will help us pay for feed, medical care, wildlife ranger and releases. Your adoption will give them a closer chance to return to their home
Our Work Wildlife Rescue Centre ~blog/2022/2/22/c7bad31b a4e1 4fdc 95e5 6828fb665ad8
Wildlife Rescue Centre
The team Central Rescue Operation for Wildlife (CROW) is works in all parts of Indonesia to save animals. This team is tasked with saving, caring for and releasing back into the habitat. Currently, CAN has an animal rescue center located in the village of Merasa, Kelay District, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan Province.
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Our Work Restoration Forest ~blog/2022/2/22/261958340 2935605566751234 3532910636535840324 n
Restoration Forest
The Restoration Essential Ecosystem (TREE) is a team that works to restore damaged forests outside protected forest areas, because we believe 70% of protected wildlife is outside conservation areas, so it is important to save and rebuild all forests.
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Our Work Forest Campaign ~blog/2022/2/22/8eaefcfd 4027 4474 bb74 7a3b6470cf62
Forest Campaign
Mitigation, Investigation and Campaign (MIC) Is a team that works to combat environmental crime, document and expose cases related to deforestation and report on authorities to be acted on together
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Our Work Forest Ranger ~blog/2022/2/22/818596f6 4c76 483f a121 b073858b3acf
Forest Ranger
Forest Ranger Essential Ecosystem (FREE) is a team protect protected forests and other high conservation value areas with the community. We built a team that works to protect the forest by the name of the forest ranger. This team consists of village communities around the forest, who have been professionally trained to deal with crimes that may occur in the forest
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Solar Panel support for Wildlife Rescue CenterSolar Panel support for Wildlife Rescue Center
Conservation Action Network and SOLARCell Listrik Tenaga Surya making collaboration program with name "Sustainable Energy for Forest, People and Wildlife"
Together we puting solar panel/solar energy in every spot of our project in Kalimantan. Its will support wildlife rescue centre, ranger protecting forest camp and many more project.
This is sustainable solution for remove area of electrical in deep forest just like our project. Lets join us in this program and make better future.

Check out SOLARCell's page here:
Support from Fans for NatureSupport from Fans for Nature
Soon we will have cages to handle small primates like gibbons. Thank you Fans for Nature e.V. for support this cage. Check out their webiste: http://www.fansfornature.org/
Collaboration with One Tree PlantedCollaboration with One Tree Planted
Planting is a way to keep the forest, so what if we plant tropical fruit trees that are good for humans and wildlife? this will be a long-term solution to reduce the ongoing conflict between wildlife and humans. Thank to One Tree Planted support this amazing activity. Check our their website for further information: https://onetreeplanted.org/
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