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Collaboration with HUTAN GroupCollaboration with HUTAN Group
Since 2019 we have collaborated with HUTAN Group to carry out forest restoration in East Kalimantan. It is a long and hard work together to create a forest for human and wildlife, but we already make good step for future of Borneo rain forest.

Check out HUTAN Groups website here: http://hutangroup.org/

Collaborated with Hutan Group Can indonesia
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Collaboration with One Tree PlantedCollaboration with One Tree Planted
Planting is a way to keep the forest, so what if we plant tropical fruit trees that are good for humans and wildlife? this will be a long-term solution to reduce the ongoing conflict between wildlife and humans. Thank to One Tree Planted support this amazing activity. Check our their website for further information: https://onetreeplanted.org/
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Support from Fans for NatureSupport from Fans for Nature
Soon we will have cages to handle small primates like gibbons. Thank you Fans for Nature e.V. for support this cage. Check out their webiste: http://www.fansfornature.org/
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Solar Panel support for Wildlife Rescue CenterSolar Panel support for Wildlife Rescue Center
Conservation Action Network and SOLARCell Listrik Tenaga Surya making collaboration program with name "Sustainable Energy for Forest, People and Wildlife"
Together we puting solar panel/solar energy in every spot of our project in Kalimantan. Its will support wildlife rescue centre, ranger protecting forest camp and many more project.
This is sustainable solution for remove area of electrical in deep forest just like our project. Lets join us in this program and make better future.

Check out SOLARCell's page here:
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