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The founders of CAN envisions a world where every individual is an advocate for conservation, and the delicate balance between forests, wildlife, and humans is maintained for the benefit of present and future generations. Therefore CAN must be a home for everyone so they can contribute to saving forests and wildlife.

Parsianus Idam fusing indigenous wisdom with modern conservation strategies. His storytelling prowess connects the tribe's history with the urgency of safeguarding forests and wildlife. He spearheads efforts to revive traditional practices that promote ecological harmony.

United by their heritage and a shared vision, Paulinus, Susilawati, and Parsianus stand resilient against threats to their lands. Their collective commitment reverberates beyond their tribe, inspiring neighboring communities and beyond. Together, they epitomize the potent fusion of tradition and innovation, proving that localized conservation efforts hold the key to the preservation of Earth's precious ecosystems.
CAN Indonesia
CAN was founded by Paulinus Kristianto with support Susilawati and Parsianus Idam in 2019. Everyone has a different conservation background but has the same mission of saving forests, wildlife and supporting environmentally friendly communities. For this reason, CAN currently has more than 3000 supporters from local communities spread throughout Borneo and Indonesia in general. Carry out a big mission to protect the forest, save animals and work with the community to create harmony with nature

Threats to Borneo's forests are increasing. The world's energy and food needs continue to grow, environmental destruction is unavoidable and is now responsible for most of the world's deforestation. Land clearing plantation and mining companies to meet the world's energy unsustainably continues to threaten endemic species in a region of Borneo. Degraded forests, small trees, shrubs and crops are often severely damaged or die; polluted rivers; eroded slopes; and much more.
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